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1872 - 2022
LLHG Celebrate 150 years Anniversary of St John's School Lemsford

Lemsford Local History group dedicate 2022 to working with St John’s School to celebrate the school’s 150-year anniversary.

On the 4th of March 1872, the first entry in the Head Teacher’s Log Book was made by Mrs Mary Seaman, first Head Teacher. On that day, seventy-seven children, ranging in age from three to thirteen, were enrolled. They were divided into two classes - one being taken by Mrs Seaman and the other by her husband Walter, her assistant. They were all taught in one room, the room now used as the dining room in the oldest part of the school. The school was approved by the Government on the 16th of May 1872. We hope the school, local community, and anyone with an interest in St Johns school will Contribute Articles, memories, and images to this Website. Email info@lemsfordhistory.co.uk

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    The History of St Johns School

    From the 4th of March 1872 to present day


    Timeline Events marked in a timeline from 1872 to present day. Important events at the school

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    Class Photos of St John’s School the first 150 Years from the conception to the present day.

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    Images of St John's School

    The group archives of St John’s School include a significant number of photographs.

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    Adopt a Child

    We have found images of children who attended the school, and articles about their life and the world around them.

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    Articles about of St John’s School

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