Art & Verse

  From majestic Scotland and picturesque England to glimpses of New Mexico, from verdant hills to coastal splendour, animal magic to random portraits, Peter delights in creating a fusion of paintings and poems, which he aesthetically produces as Art & Verse Giclée prints. His latest acrylic collection presents the dazzling world of Jazz and he is currently working on a series of Louisiana stars following a visit to New Orleans.


Peter Butler and his wife Ginny have lived in the village for 16 years. They lead busy lives but Peter spends as much time as possible on his Art & Verse. To view a small selection of his work Click here or for the full collection click here to visit his website.

Each of Peter's paintings and poems is sublimely interwoven and a selection is displayed on this page. To view scaled examples of his fine art Giclée prints and descriptive Certificates of Authenticity go to: Latest Works & Featured Prints.



To explore the full range of Peter's works and enlarge any of the pictures or Art & Verse prints of his paintings and poems, be sure to visit his:


Art & Verse Online Gallery



Whether painting landscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals or wildlife, Peter revels in the vibrant use of pigments and diversity of oils, acrylics and watercolors, all magically captured by perfecting his very own Giclée process



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Artistic and Poetic Inspiration

To discover more about the inspiration for his art and prose, take a tour of the various art & verse links. Peter takes great joy in penning his poems to depict the themes and moods of each of his paintings, either whilst at the easel or when they are finished. Or the poems come first and inspire his brush strokes.




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