Rubbish, Waste and Recycling

This section contains information about the waste collection services offered by the council for Lemsford village. This includes the rubbish, recycling and compost (brown bin) collections. You can also find out more about the council's neighbourhood recycling centres and bulky waste collections. Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council promote waste minimisation, including home composting and the use of real nappies.


This page has been built with the help of the Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council website.


Rubbish collections

Information and guidance about your household rubbish collections.

  • Household rubbish is collected weekly.   
  • The council operates a boundary collection service.
  • Most residents put their rubbish out in sacks, but you can use a circular dustbin if you prefer.  
  • The council do not provide dustbins or refuse sacks.
  • We will return for genuine missed collections.

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Collection Days

Street by street guide to refuse and recycling collection days in Welwyn Hatfield.

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Brown bin collections

Information and guidance about the brown bin service.

  • You can compost garden waste, cardboard and food
    waste in your brown bin.
  • Brown bins are collected fortnightly, alternate weeks
    to the recycling collections.
  • To take part you need to have a brown wheelie bin
    or buy special Garden waste sacks.
  • One brown bin is available per household.


Recycling collections

  • Information and guidance about the recycling collections (paper, glass and cans).

  • Green recycling boxes are for paper.
  • Red recycling boxes are for glass and mixed cans.
  • Extra recycling can be presented in a carrier bag, or we can provide additional boxes.
  • Recycling boxes are collected fortnightly, on the alternate week to the brown bins.

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Associated Services and information

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