Lemsford Residents’ Association

The Lemsford Residents’ Association (LRA) was formed in 2001 to thwart a traffic scheme that would have impacted heavily on village life. Lemsford had become the “forgotten village”. Drains were blocked, lighting and pavements were poor, the River Lea was hidden from view by an unsightly tangle of blackthorn scrub and Lemsford Village road was used as a rat run for traffic accessing the A1M. We had no life, no soul.

Frustrated residents joined together to oppose plans for traffic lights at the bridge in the very centre of the village. We formed three committees. A Traffic Committee to work with the council to find a solution acceptable to the residents to vehicles speeding through Lemsford; The River Committee to clear and maintain the riverbanks and riverbed; and the Environment Committee to oversee the state of the village drains, lights, pavements and embankments, and to liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure their upkeep.

We also launched our village newsletter, the Lemsford News, to keep residents abreast of what was happening in our village. Then in the autumn of 2004 the Social Committee was formed to organise village events throughout the year.

We owe a huge vote of thanks to the residents who have joined our committees and helped build a better Lemsford for us all, upholding our motto, “Improving Lemsford for generations to come.”


Please contact any of our committees if you have any issues or suggestions that you feel will improve Lemsford. All our committees would be very grateful for extra help and new members. So if you have a bit of time and would like to be involved in helping to keep your village beautiful, then please ring the committee of your choice. If you would like to help make living in Lemsford all the more enjoyable, then please ring the Social Committee.

Your Village Needs YOU!

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our committees or just to help out with various events.

So if you would like to lend a hand, please contact the committee of your choice.

We really would appreciate your help and support, and in turn you will be amazed at the buzz you'll get from taking part in helping to build our village

Just a couple of hours, a couple of times a year would be a great help to those who have already contributed their time for a number of years.