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The Lemsford News is produced by Lemsford residents for our villagers and is published in the Parish Magazine, please contact Ghis Dunford, our Newsletter Coordinator, or any member of the newsletter team. Telephone numbers and email addresses are listed opposite.

We welcome any contributions from villagers – news articles, village articles, announcements, Neighbourhood Watch, poems, photographs, items for sale or rent - anything anyone thinks Lemsford would be interested in or should be informed about. Also as part of the larger Welwyn/Hatfield district we would be interested in articles from or about our councils, the police force and any other sector of our community.


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Disclaimer –
The Lemsford News and the Lemsford website is produced by the residents of Lemsford for the residents of Lemsford. Every care is taken to insure that the information given is correct. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or false statements that might occur. The views expressed in the Lemsford News and on the Lemsford website are not necessarily those of the editorial team. Material is published solely at the discretion of the committee and their decision is final.