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The parish of  Lemsford  was created out of the parish of Bishop's Hatfield in 1859. Originally the parish included Lemsford Village itself,  with the outlying areas of Cromer Hyde, Stanborough and the Brocket Park Estate plus part of the west side of what is now Welwyn Garden City. Boundary changes in 1921 transferred this latter area to the newly founded Welwyn Garden City.


The river Lea (or river Lee), which once formed part of the boundary of the Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex runs through the parish. The A1 motorway, the main arterial north - south road, follows roughly the course of the "Old Great North Road" from London to York which went from Stanborough, through Lemsford Village and on to Old Welwyn until by-passed in 1834.  The parish of Lemsford now forms part of the administrative area of Welwyn Hatfield Council in the English county of Hertfordshire.


The Lemsford Local History Group, formed in 2001, is interested in all aspects of the history and the people of this area - both ancient and modern. We welcome correspondence from anyone who shares this interest.


The group archives now include a significant number of photographs and documents, as well as records of baptisms (to 1985),  marriages (to 1970),  burials (to 2003) and memorial inscriptions (to 2003) from the St John's parish church registers. Records of births, marriages and deaths before the consecration of the church in 1859 will be found in the registers of Bishop's Hatfield parish.  The archive also contains admission records for the village school - St. John's Church of England Junior Mixed Infants school - since it was first opened in 1872



We will endeavour to answer queries regarding Lemsford and its families from our archives. Please contact us on chapman.lc@btinternet.com .We would be most grateful for a small contribution to cover costs.  


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Next Meeting is on Thursday 3rd June   2010 at 7-30
It will be held in the annex at St John's Church, Lemsford Village.
You are welcome to join us.