Lemsford Local History Group Parish Map.


Putting Lemsford on the map, literally, has been the core activity of the Lemsford Local History Group for the past nine months. Our aim was to provide a map which would be of use as well as of interest, both to local residents and school children and also to walkers, historians and those doing research into their family history.  

Launched at the Lemsford Fete on 3 May, this illustrated historical map shows the original boundary of the parish which was carved out of the parish of Bishop’s Hatfield in 1859, the changes in 1927 when most of Handside and the land to the east of what is now the A1(M) was transferred to the new parish of St Francis, Welwyn Garden City, and the 1988 alterations to incorporate Stanborough.   Before the church of St John the Evangelist was consecrated in May 1859, the villagers of Lemsford walked three miles there and three miles back to attend St Ethelreda’s, Hatfield.  In summer they would take a picnic so that they could attend both morning and evening services.

Surrounding the map are seven watercolour drawings of prominent places in the area.  On the reverse of the map are ten black and white line drawings with text describing some of the key places in the parish, together with a directory.

The map is the result of a great deal of hard work and attention to detail by many people.   Particular thanks are due to Dudley Drake who provided the artwork for the front of the map and to Margaret Baker for the line drawings on the reverse.   The group is also very grateful to the Grassroots Foundation for the grant which enabled the work to go forward.



A copy of the map is being given to households in the parish.  Additional copies may be obtained in flat or folded form, price £2.50.   For further information see the website: www.lemsfordhistory.co.uk.