Great North Road

The Road ­ From the 1600s to 1833, the Old Great North Road from London to York passed directly through Lemsford, down the hill and across the bridge, previously a ford, and then along the disused track behind The Long Arm and The Short Arm.





It is rumoured that Dick Turpin roamed these parts. The brick road bridge over the River Lea was first built in 1777 replacing the ford as the only local river crossing. In 1795 the bridge collapsed as the result of a devastating flood and was rebuilt. Lemsford was a day¹s coach ride from London, boasting four pubs and a travellers¹ hostelry. In 1833 the Stanborough to Ayot Green bypass known as the New Cut was built. The story goes that in 1824 Lady Caroline Lamb, wife of Prime Minister Viscount Melbourne, watched from the Brocket Estate as the funeral cortege of Lord Byron, her paramour, passed along the Old Great North Road through Lemsford.