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Emma Austin who has her own garden design company  and has RHS andCity & Guilds certificates in plants, planting design and garden design kindly writes for Lemsford News in a popular article called ‘Emma’s Hints & tips’.She started her column in issue 25 Spring 2008.



Emma has produced a website which helps you to decide the type of garden you want and the services Emma can offer you. For more information, click here to view her website.

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A Garden Full of Friends (Spring to summer)


As spring approaches we find ourselves in the garden centre pushing a trolley around the plants,
looking for a little gem to celebrate our own
gardens’ return to life now winter is over. Yet do you ever find, having planted your new gem, that the impact you had hoped hasn’t been achieved?


Saving the best till last (Summer to Autumn)


As the summer months turn to autumn and the evenings start to draw in, the garden can seem tired and exhausted, but with a little attendance you can bring additional life to any garden.



Drop Dead Gorgeous ( Autumn approaches)


When autumn approaches, I find we hang on to our plants, dreading the first frost when everything ends, and then we all approach our gardens with a
hedge trimmer and hack everything back ready for
winter and put the garden to bed.Well stop, and this year try something new.



Pure Inspiration! (inspiration and
creative juices)

Where do professional gardeners get their inspiration and creative juices? Chelsea or Hampton Court RHS Flower Shows you may think. Well, yes some motivation may be absorbed walking round the perfect show gardens, but in reality they are just that – ‘show’ gardens and impossible to achieve in reality.


Do your bit! (Focus this year at vegetables)


I feel the focus this year in the garden is directed
at vegetables. As we feel the credit crunch and are responding to media reports that we should look after our pennies going back to basics to growing
our own produce is becoming very popular and this trend may well remain even after the credit crunch passes.


Recycled Foliage! (Autumn)

This Autumn had been one of the driest for a very long time. Although the garden may have been thirsty, the autumn flowers and foliage were untouched and were enjoyed for longer periods than usual. The leaves remained on the trees and shrubs longer, changing to their full potential of colours which I have really enjoyed.


From Lemsford News Number 29 – 30
From Lemsford News Number 31

Time to Prune! (Pruning isn’t scary)


Many of us fear pruning, scared of the unknown and others come into the garden with a hedge trimmer and prune every shrub into a neat lollypop! Pruning isn’t scary if you understand how a plant works. The biggest rule to follow is “prune the plant after it has



Spring Bulbs (I am always seduced by bulb

Spring is such a joy, the sign of promise that warmer weather is on the way after such a long cold winter. I just adore cultivated narcissus and
tulips and I am always seduced by bulb catalogues in autumn for fancy, frilly and unusual coloured spring bulbs. Yet as I look into my garden I am full of joy as they stand tall and extrovert!


From Lemsford News Number 32
From Lemsford News Number 33



What the villagers think of Emma


Letter to the Editor of Lemsford News:

'Emma's Garden Hints She's a treasure! Emma's practical advice has transformed my garden and I am once again an active gardener, eargerly awaiting her next installment. Even the foreign names are converted for the ignoramus, and my local nursery is astonished with my new found wisdom. Thank you Emma - “You're my favourite
gardening guru". Eat your heart out Titmarsh!'



A message from Emma

I have been designing and maintaining gardens in Hertfordshire for eleven years. I have RHS and City and Guilds certificates in general horticulture, decorative horticulture, as well as garden design. I provide Garden Design Services enabling you to have your garden designed professionally, creating a garden for you to enjoy, plus enhancing your home.